May 10, 2018

Mass attendance required?/ Questions on a mixed marriage

If one is seriously ill, is that person still required to attend Mass? Is a marriage still recognized by the Catholic Church if a priest isn't the officiant? Father Doyle has the answers in Question Corner.
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How do we know what a smile really means?

The simple smile is one of God's greatest gifts, but it is also a complex nonverbal way of communicating what is going on inside of us and how we relate to others.
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Catholic Communications Campaign helps spread Good News

In the United States, Catholics see the results of this collection daily directly in their hands through social media, websites, radio programs, video production, and more.
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Pope, bishops mark anniversary of St. John Paul’s condemnation of Mafia

As the bishops and faithful of Sicily remembered St. John Paul II's visit in 1993 and, especially, his "prophetic invective" against the Mafia, Pope Francis urged them to continue the fight against organized crime.
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Movie Review: ‘Tully’

Director Jason Reitman's comedy "Tully" winds up strongly affirming marriage and family life. Yet his film takes such a rocky path to that positive outcome that most viewers may not wish to follow it.
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