November 21, 2017

Gift of gratitude

Gratitude doesn’t always come easily, but there’s almost always something to be thankful for, though it can take time to see it.
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Choir from St. John in Westminster heads to Carnegie Hall

“We’re a little parish choir in Westminster, invited to perform at Carnegie Hall,” said Regina McCurdy, director of liturgical music for the largest parish in Carroll County. “This is a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity.”
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Mrs. Kathleen Smith

(St. Joan of Arc School) Encouraging Critical Thinking, Through STEM Curriculum Mrs. Kathleen Smith, who currently teaches 3rd grad at St. Joan of Arc School in Aberdeen, encourages critical thinking from her students by incorporating STEM activities and collaborative groups into her classroom. In the picture above, Mrs. Smith is working with a group of students...
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Senior Leadership Retreat Day

This morning we celebrate a beautiful feast day of the Blessed Virgin Mary namely, the Feast of Mary’s Presentation in the Temple. It is an event which illumines our Christian imagination: that wonderful and grace-filled moment when Saints Joachim and Anne presented their daughter, Mary, in the Temple.
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