October 4, 2017

The joy of gift-giving (or a special moment on the Feast of St. Francis)

It seemed as if I had all summer to hunt for a statue, and though I kept my eyes open, I couldn’t find the right one in time for his birthday.
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‘All God’s people’: Beans and Bread helps feed East Baltimore’s hungry

Feeding the hungry is work, but the approximately 14 volunteers (12 for lunch, two for breakfast) who keep Beans and Bread running into its fifth decade of service don’t see it that way.
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Los oficiales de la Iglesia responden a los recientes arrestos de inmigrantes en Maryland, y a la propuesta de reducir el número de refugiados

El obispo Brennan añadió: "Nuestro país ha sido históricamente un refugio para aquellos que huyen de la violencia, la guerra y la persecución religiosa y política. Reducir tan drásticamente el número de refugiados admitidos en nuestro país es contrario al largo historial de Norteamérica de dar la bienvenida a esas personas ".
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Mexicans give thanks for quake survival to St. Jude Thaddeus

Mexicans have turned to faith. The Archdiocese of Mexico City reported increased attendance at Mass since the earthquakes.
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Good to be Catholic

I am proud that the ministries of this Archdiocese accept this invitation every day of every year.
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Driving away the shadows

St. Francis of Assisi must be one of the best-known saints. But I didn’t feel a special connection to him until 14 years ago when I went on a retreat.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary Annual Alumni Reunion

On this feast of St. Francis of Assisi, I note that Bl. Stanley’s middle name was Francis and that he lived his priesthood in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. Like Francis, Father Rother lived simply, was close to nature, and devoted his life utterly to bringing the Gospel to the poor.
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Church officials respond to recent arrests of immigrants in Maryland, proposal to reduce number of refugees

Bishop Mark Brennan, Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore said that "to reduce so drastically the number of refugees admitted to our country is contrary to America’s longstanding role of welcoming such people.”
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