August 2, 2017

An umbrella for the rain

It was such a simple act of kindness, just a small moment of thoughtfulness. But witnessing that spark of compassion in our child gave me such hope and joy.
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Summer’s blockbuster tales

Father Joseph Breighner shares some thoughts about two books that could be blockbusters.
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A population implosion?

Catholics worried about the rise of atheism can take a short-term and a long-term approach. Right now, we need to educate our children, evangelize and respond to attacks on the faith. As for the long term, Catholic couples, can you guess?
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Musing on the teeth of St. Ambrose

We clothe the skeleton of St. Ambrose in stately liturgical robes and we crown his skull with a bishop's miter, not be macabre or "creepy," but because we reverence his body as a place where Christ had come to dwell
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