February 13, 2017

Cardinal jeered at housing session

Lawrence Cardinal Shehan of Baltimore testified on behalf of a proposed fair housing ordinance to the tune of jeers and catcalls from a boisterous minority segment of the audience.
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Media Coverage of Cardinal Lawrence Shehan’s testimony in support of fair housing

During a 1966 hearing before the Baltimore City Council, Cardinal Lawrence Shehan testified in support of a fair housing bill. His appearance provokes boos and jeers from some in the audience.
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Pope names envoy to study pastoral care of faithful in Medjugorje

The pope chose Archbishop Henryk Hoser of Warsaw-Praga as his special envoy to Medjugorje, the Vatican announced Feb. 11.
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New All Saints couple’s example, service honored at Baltimore archdiocese’s Mother Lange Awards

Renard and Stephanie Baker have seen the richness of their marriage expand beyond their family to their congregation’s youth ministry.
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Pope praises abuse survivor for breaking silence

The sexual abuse of children by those who have vowed to serve Christ represents “a diabolical sacrifice” of innocent, defenseless lives, Pope Francis said.
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