January 30, 2017

New Poll Finds Support For Monogamy In Marriage

The majority view held regardless of the respondent’s gender, marital status, or political identification.
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Monday 4th Week Year 1; Catholic Schools Week; Mt. De Sales Academy

I. A Little of the Devil A. I don’t want to upset anyone during Catholic Schools Week, but I have to tell you that my Catholic elementary school career was not so good. In other words, I got into a lot of trouble. One day, when Sister Mary Janet left her classroom for but a...
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Trump’s action banning refugees brings outcry from U.S. church leaders

The president's executive memorandum intended to restrict the entry of terrorists coming to the U.S. brought an outcry from Catholic leaders.
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Local boys do good, donate $500,000 to Archbishop Curley High School

“Curley’s obviously very important to us,” Andrew Suehle said. “It’s a large part of who we are and in our DNA ...”
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Archbishop Lori writes letter concerning executive orders on immigration

Our faith compels us to work for the dignity and justice of all people, Archbishop Lori said.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Catholic Schools Week

I pray that the Lord will continue to touch my soul and yours so that we may be free of bad influences and instead be true followers of Jesus as active members of his church.
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Religious, political leaders condemn shooting at Quebec mosque

Faith and political leaders condemned a shooting at Quebec’s main mosque that left at least six people dead.
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