September 25, 2016

26th Sunday C; 150th Anniversary and Confirmation; St. Michael, Clear Spring

I. Introduction A. What a joy to celebrate with all of you the 150th anniversary of St. Michael Parish here in Clear Spring and, at the same, time, to confirm young people from the parish. In a sense, we are celebrating all at once the past, the present, and the future of this community of...
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26th Sunday C; Mass for the Philippine Community

I. A Joyful But Intrepid Faith A. Thank you for the opportunity to offer this Holy Mass and with you to invoke the beloved saints of your homeland, St. Lorenzo Ruiz and St. Pedro Calungsod. This is a moment for me to thank you, the growing Philippine community of the Archdiocese of Baltimore (and beyond)...
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Celebrating a dozen years of marriage

Twelve years ago I stood in the narthex of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, wearing my white gown, impatient and excited for the day—and this new chapter of life—to begin.My father was there, and my bridesmaids—sisters and friends—along with a lovely flower girl and a handsome little ring bearer.
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Finding God’s window: A glimpse into a child’s faith

Yet again, for the who-knows-how-many-eth time, our younger son asks if he can play “You Are Mine” on YouTube. As he plays, he likes to sit and strum a guitar or pick out notes on the piano. He wants so much to be part of creating the beautiful music.Our little boy
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