Finding God’s window: A glimpse into a child’s faith

Yet again, for the who-knows-how-many-eth time, our younger son asks if he can play “You Are Mine” on YouTube. As he plays, he likes to sit and strum a guitar or pick out notes on the piano. He wants so much to be part of creating the beautiful music.
Our little boy loves the song, and he especially enjoys seeing the images on the YouTube version as the music plays. As “You Are Mine” plays, he is very serious and quiet and contained in his enthusiasm, but you can see that he is fully focused, fully absorbed.
This time as he plays the song, I stand behind him, watching and listening.
“Watch,” he said, “and I’ll show you God’s window.”
I’m confused, but I watch and wait. A few minutes later he presses pause on the screen and points to a little square in the sky.
“See! There it is! God’s window!”

It’s the little square of light about a third of the way across on the top of the darker cloud.

“Wow,” I say, wondering whether someone else has pointed it out to him. “Did someone tell you that was God’s window?”

“No,” he says. “I found it myself.”
Of course he did.
I may be teaching our children about our faith, but they are also teaching me. And every now and then they surprise me by showing how they are discovering their own understandings, their own personal connections with our Father in Heaven, completely without my help.
I hope you catch a glimpse of God’s window today.

Catholic Review

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