April 19, 2016

Archbishop joins Church of the Nativity to break ground for expansion

The Church of the Nativity broke ground April 17 to fix their dilemma: too many parishioners, not enough space.
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Pope reminds world of suffering in war-torn Ukraine

Pope Francis' pleas for humanitarian aid for Ukraine is bringing needed attention to a forgotten war, said Ukrainian Catholic leaders.
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Symposium offers guidance for healing to medical professionals

Speakers at the 6th Symposium for Catholic Medical Professionals offered encouragement as well as guidance to the 125 health care professionals in attendance.
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Red as the nose on my face (or my current dermatological saga)

When I went to the dermatologist for my annual check-up, she checked me all over.“Everything looks good,” she said. “Before you go, let me just check your face.”She took one glance and told me I had some pre-cancerous spots on my nose. I couldn’t see them at all, but I
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