November 22, 2013

Offered for the Eternal Salvation of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, of the Deceased Members of the Carroll Family, and of all the Faithful Departed

Camilla and Steve, brother priests and deacons, and dear friends, Introduction What a privilege it is for us to be here at Saint Mary’s Church at Doughoregan Manor for this Mass for the eternal salvation of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, of the deceased members of the Carroll Family, and of all the Faithful Departed. I’m...
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Remembering President Kennedy: Praying for peace on the 50th anniversary of his death

  This was the introduction to our morning prayer here at The John Carroll School to start our day on November 22, 2013:  As the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Cecelia, patron saint of musicians today, we here at John Carroll join Americans everywhere in remembering President John F. Kennedy, our 35th
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Catonsville family plans heart center in China

Ann Bartlinski and her husband, Ed, are in the process of opening a heart center in Beijing, China, called “Love You More Heart Home” for orphans and children of poor families
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Park volunteer makes giving back a weekly priority

The sound of Victor Malabayabas clipping away the thick overgrown grasses around the Patterson Park lake is a familiar one.
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Thanksgiving prayers, blessings before the big meal, music, and reflections: Day 3

  Introduction: In the nine days leading up to Thanksgiving I will share a novena of prayers, reflections, and music selections that may enhance the celebration of this special day with your family and friends.       Day 3: Today I will share a prayer-meditation by Rev. James Martin, SJ, Editor of America Magazine. Father...
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A special, light-hearted, 50th anniversary

 While many reflect on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK or the 50th anniversary release of the book, "Where The Wild Things Are," many of us have been enjoying a year long celebration of Whovian proportions.What's this great celebration? The 50th anniversary of the popular British science fiction
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