September 13, 2013

Embarking on parenthood: no map, no compass, no worries

This year, 3.9 million babies will be born in the United States. At the end of this month, mine will be among them.
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Beans and Bread renovation makes it easier to dish up more than food

The atmosphere of the newly renovated Beans and Bread Center is warm, clean and inviting.
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Celebrating Six Months with Pope Francis

(CNS Photo Paul Haring)“I ask a favor of you: Let us make, in silence, this prayer: your prayer over me.”—Pope Francis on the balcony overlooking St. Peter’s Square on March 13, 2013 Six months ago on this date Catholics and good people all over the world were hoping and praying that
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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 28)

— 1 — When I looked at all the volunteer possibilities for Leo’s school, the only one I thought I could manage was the Bake Sale Committee. So I signed up. Then this week after I received my first baking assignment, I found myself standing in an un-air-conditioned kitchen on one
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Grandparents range from traditional to hip when choosing what to be called

While many seniors stand by traditional monikers, many others don’t see themselves as the “gray-hair-and-rocking-chair” grandparents of yesteryear.
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