August 26, 2013

Pope celebrates morning Mass using hosts made by Argentine prisoners

Pope Francis continues to celebrate daily Mass in his residence and, since mid-July, has been using hosts made by women incarcerated in an Argentine prison.
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As area population expands, Jessup plans new church, evangelization efforts

St. Lawrence announced Aug. 20 that it plans to build a new church and parish center directly across I-295 on property known as Blob’s Park.
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Retired pope’s secretary says ‘mystical experience’ story is untrue

Update: Retired Pope Benedict XVI's longtime personal secretary said a story about the pope resigning after a "mystical experience" was completely invented.
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Archbishop Lori welcomes students back to school

Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori and Dr. Barbara McGraw Edmondson visited schools across the archdiocese Aug. 26 for the first day of school.
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Catholic school students welcomed back across the archdiocese

Fourth-grade teacher Mary Belz, who called teaching her vocation, hails from a family of Catholic school educators.
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The first day of kindergarten

Last night we opened a booklet Leo’s teacher had given us to read the night before his first day of kindergarten. Inside Leo found a poem and a bag of confetti. His teacher asked him to sprinkle some under his pillow—and she said she’d be sprinkling some under hers, too.Leo
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