August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 23)

— 1 —Last weekend we went out of town to what the boys call “The Cousins’ House” to get out of the way so John could get some packing and moving done. (They have other cousins, but the pack of four in one family earns them the formal title “The
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Movie Review: Planes

Having conquered the world of “Cars,” Disney waves its anthropomorphic wand skyward in “Planes,” a delightful 3-D animated adventure.
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Ravens’ Justin Tucker pursues an upright life

Baltimore Raven Justin Tucker talks about his goals for the upcoming NFL season.
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Donovan ‘loved his family more than he loved himself’

Art Donovan was a national folk hero who found a home in Baltimore, but never forgot his roots.
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James Conneely announces resignation from Notre Dame of Maryland University

Dr. James F. Conneely served as the university’s president since July 2012. He was the first male president in the school's history.
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Catholic schools graduate strives for work-life balance

Like many women, Lisa Ruth has strived to achieve a balance between her career and her family.
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