October 20, 2011

Positive Signs for Schools

The Catholic Review As reported in last week’s Catholic Review, we are moving full speed ahead with a process for parish planning in the Archdiocese. Though it will be vastly different from the process undertaken for the reorganization of Catholic schools, it may have many asking where we are with the implementation of the schools...
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Vatican: Gadhafi’s death marks end of ‘harsh and oppressive regime’

VATICAN CITY - The Vatican said the death of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi marked the end of a “harsh and oppressive regime” that was based on power instead of human dignity.
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Baltimore Guild recognized by Catholic Medical Association, honors Archbishop O’Brien

During his time in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien has prominently supported medical professionals, whose conscience rights have been threatened on the federal and local level.
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