The Healing Process and Prayer Ministry

The Healing Process and Prayer Ministry


A marriage ending in divorce can be a very painful experience. A loving relationship that started with such hopes and dreams now seems a distant memory. As one adjusts to this new reality and even loneliness in their life, one can feel lost and alone.

The annulment process can bring about both peace and healing in dealing with a past failed marriage. An annulment seeks to determine why a marriage was invalid not who is to blame. The goal is not to find fault or whom to blame, but the reason or reasons for the lack of true marital consent.

However, we realize that not every marriage ending in divorce is an invalid one. Sometimes a spouse simply walks away as a result of selfishness and sin. And the remaining spouse is left facing a life alone that he/she did not and would not have chosen.

We believe there is help. You are not alone.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore has a diocesan sponsored prayer ministry where people commit to praying for those in need. Please feel free to contact them and ask for their prayerful support for you.

They can be reached at the Archdiocesan Prayer Ministry. They can also be found on Facebook at


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