Confidentiality Agreement and Policy Norms

Confidentiality Agreement and Policy Norms


Before the submission of your formal libellus, or petition, you are asked to review, sign, and have notarized a confidentiality agreement to the policies and practices of the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s tribunal. These policies include:

  1. An understanding that an annulment petition does not guarantee an affirmative decision from the Tribunal;
  2. The Tribunal cannot guarantee a time for the completion of the annulment process. Consequently, Petitioners agree to refrain from setting a date for another marriage until a final decision is given by the Tribunal;
  3. The annulment process is one of ecclesiastical, or Church, law and the parties voluntarily waive and forego any right under civil law to the subpoena or judicial discovery of the Testimonial Acts of this case; and
  4. The matters and testimony before the court bind all parties to confidentiality.

The Tribunal will send you a copy of this formal confidentiality agreement. You are responsible for signing it in person and having it witnessed by a Notary Public. One is available at the Tribunal free of charge.


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