Fees and Costs

Fees and Costs


The Holy Father and the Synod of Bishops both recommended that, where possible, the services of the Tribunal regarding annulments should be without fees. In the Archdiocese of Baltimore, each formal annulment case costs the Archdiocese between $2,000.00 and $4,000.00. Of this cost, the Archdiocese of Baltimore asks the Petitioner to pay a fraction: only $550.00. Currently, the Archdiocese has no plans to change fees.

With that said, the Archdiocese of Baltimore and its Tribunal understands that to many, $550.00 is an impossible sum to pay. The Tribunal staff is always willing to work with Petitioners to set up payment plans. Though fees are never waived, an annulment decision is never affected by the amount paid (or unpaid). Should a Petitioner fail to make a payment, the investigation process will never be stopped or delayed.

The Tribunal trusts Petitioners to uphold their agreed-upon payment schedule; to pay what they can, when they can. By paying down their balances, each Petitioner enables the Tribunal to continue its healing ministry, and to help others in need.


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