Devotions Of Jesus

The Lord of Miracles

Fifteen years after the earthquake a man named Antonio de Leon, of the San Sebastian Parish, found the image of the Lord on what was then a forgotten site, and began to venerate it. Antonio was suffering from a malignant tumor in his head, and after he prayed in front of the Image and asked the Lord to heal him. A miracle occurred when he was miraculously healed. God has done many miracles through this image. Several times earthquakes have destroyed the building where the miraculous image stands, and always the wall on where the image is painted has been spared and undamaged! Countless healings, physical as well as spiritual have occurred. From its humble origins the devotion and veneration to the image of the Lord of Miracles has grown to national and international proportions. The procession of the image every year during the month of October, brings close to two million faithful to accompany this beloved Lord of the Miracles in His pilgrimage through the city of Lima bringing hope and consolation for the millions of Catholics who come every year to witness their love and devotion. Peruvians who h