Hispanic Ministries – Music

Oregon Catholic Press
The most complete Spanish hymnal in the United States
For the assembly, music and words (hard cover)
ISBN 1-57992-100-0
For the assembly, music and words (rustic cover)
ISBN 1-57992-106-X
For the assembly, words only (rustic cover)
ISBN 1-57992-101-9
Sheet music for piano ISBN 1-57992-102-7
Sheet music for guitar ISBN 1-57992-103-7

Published by Oregon Catholic Press – annual subscription
Published every three months. This magazine contains all the necessary information for the celebration of Sunday liturgies and holidays. Here you will find the psalms, and appropriate songs for every Sunday liturgy. “News for bulletins” are brief notes that explain the liturgical year, symbols and words of the lectionary, they can be used for publication in church bulletins.