Our Faith, Our Future

Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries
Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries

How Your Gifts Are Used

Strengthening Our Parish Communities

As much as one-half of every Appeal dollar raised is rebated to the parish of its donor, with these rebated funds used to finance crucial projects as identified by pastors and their leadership teams.

Vacation Bible School programs, such as the one at St. Isaac Jogues parish, introduce Jesus and His teaching into the lives of the children of our archdiocese, helping them to build a foundation for their faith, a faith that will carry them throughout their lives.

“One of the most beautiful things that I’ve witnessed at Vacation Bible School is seeing the talents and the strengths of people of all ages within this parish. They all become unified through this beautiful program.”
– Jane O’Hara
   Coordinator of Elementary Faith Formation
   and Adult Faith Formation, St. Isaac Jogues


Funded Parish Initiatives

  • Capital Projects
  • Debt Reduction
  • Endowment
  • Operating Expenses
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Pastoral Care
  • Tuition Assistance

Reaching Out to Our Neighbors In Need

The Annual Appeal raises money crucial to ongoing charitable outreach programs like Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, and other archdiocesan organizations that help ease financial burdens facing our community’s poorest citizens.

Through a unique partnership between Anne Arundel County, Catholic Charities, and the U.S. Army, Sarah’s House offers emergency shelter, supportive housing, and an array of other services for families experiencing homelessness in the area.

“The people at Sarah’s House are very encouraging. They’re like little cheerleaders. They helped build up my strength and gave me the self-confidence to know that I can be self-sufficient.
– Stephanie Romine
   Sarah’s House Client


Funded Ministries of Outreach

Evangelizing Our Community


Funds raised from the Annual Appeal support a host of evangelizing ministries that help grow our community of faith by conveying the Good News of the Gospel to fresh audiences yearning for its healing grace.

College Campus Ministry in the Archdiocese of Baltimore develops and supports ministries for college students attending Frostburg, Johns Hopkins, Stevenson, and Towson Universities, UMBC, and McDaniel College. Appeal funds help enliven the outreach efforts of college campus ministers and, in this way, are helping to form future generations of Catholics.

“The mission of cultivating the faith of our young people across college campuses has never been more needed. These young women and men will be responsible for shaping the future of our Church through their active and determined witness to God’s presence and work among us. The support of the Appeal is critical to all that we’re doing to inspire and nurture a deep and abiding faith in our young people that will last their entire lifetime.”
– Reverend Matthew Buening
   Campus Minister, Towson University


Funded Ministries of Evangelization

“It bears repeating that Appeal funds are never used for purposes other than those stipulated in the [Appeal] Spending Plan, which does not include costs incurred by the Archdiocese for any reason.”

James Hamilton
Annual Appeal Allocations Oversight Committee