Snippets of Faith

Two of my friends don’t believe in God

I do know this … we have no power in other people's spaces. But God does.
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When people ask us to pray

The next time someone asks you to pray for something or someone specifically, it is because that suggestion is significant to him or her. Let’s really hear the petition … pray it … and mean it.                   
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Is it appropriate etiquette to eat pepperoni pizza in a funeral home?

Death is such a part of our lives, and it puts us in a funny place. Since that's true, why not amuse ourselves?
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The people God wants us to meet

At times, we question why God places us with certain people: how did he pick that cabbage-head boyfriend, or that annoying neighbor who constantly causes drama along the street?
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Fourteen ways my dog is like God

I believe God created dogs so he could be with us more. He has gifted us with these marvelously loving animals, which are emotional, expressive and tail-waggingly happy, and placed them in our homes.
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