Fourteen ways my dog is like God

Suzanna Molino Singleton has a special love for her dog, Razer. (Courtesy photo)

It cannot be a coincidence the word dog is ‘God’ spelled backwards.

I believe God created dogs so he could be with us more. He has gifted us with these marvelously loving animals, which are emotional, expressive and tail-waggingly happy, and placed them in our homes. We call them “man’s best friends.”

We refer to our dogs as “fur children.” We treat them exceedingly well – love them, feed them, give them treats, teach them tricks and dress them up for Halloween. We even speak to our sweet dogs like babies! (Have we actually listened to ourselves in the comical way we speak to dogs???)

It is said humans are made in God’s likeness? Hmmm, I believe God created dogs to be like God. Dogs are so extraordinary, I think the word dog should be capitalized like God’s name. He created them – and knew exactly what he was doing.

Besides God not staring at my food while I’m eating and not digging up the mulch in my garden, I think the Dog/God similarities are uncanny. Here are 14 ways my dog is like God:

  1. My dog is always by my side … God is always by my side.
  2. My dog loves me even if I don’t play with him all day … God loves me even if I don’t pray with him all day.
  3. My pup doesn’t judge me, he simply loves me unconditionally … as does God.
  4. My dog anticipates the path I’m walking before I actually take a step … God knows my path.
  5. I can get mad at my dog and he will forgive me and continue to adore me … God is full of forgiveness and adoration.
  6. My dog doesn’t like to swim in the pool like most dogs … I have a feeling God doesn’t swim either.
  7. My pooch is devoted, loyal, attentive and a fierce protector … as well, God is devoted, loyal, attentive and my protector.
  8. My dog is The One in my house who runs to greet me; absolutely elated I came home, whether I was away 10 minutes or 10 days! God is that way with people who have been away from him for any time – elated they came home.
  9. If I am ignoring my dog, he will subtly nudge me with a wet nose, or may bark to catch my attention. If I am ignoring God while focusing on too much triviality, he also nudges me subtly. Sometimes, he even loudly “barks” in the form of an “aha” moment or a “wakeup call.”
  10. My pet loves when I take him along with me: in the car, on a walk, on a trip … God, too, prefers I take him along wherever I go.
  11. My dog is at my side when I am feeling lonely, sad, or when I’m sick … just like God.
  12. My dog hears me calling him and answers by running to me … God hears me calling him and answers my prayers.
  13. My dog seems to understand me – without using words – on a level I cannot fathom … God definitely understands me – using his silent connection – on a level I also cannot fathom.
  14. I love my pup and hold him close … I love my God and hold him close, as he holds and loves me.

Our dogs aren’t concerned with paying bills or running errands; they are untroubled, carefree creatures who merely want to wag their tails, chew on stuffed toys, play, and be happy. All they want is to be with “their people.”

Amidst life’s seriousness on which we often focus, I think God wants us also to be more carefree and untroubled, to play and wag more, and simply be happy. All he wants is to be with us – his people.


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Suzanna Molino Singleton

Suzanna Molino Singleton

Suzanna Molino Singleton is a native Baltimorean and parishioner of St. Leo Church in Little Italy. A former staff correspondent for the Catholic Review, she launched her "Snippets of Faith" blog for the Catholic Review in June 2018. Suzanna is the creator of a weekly e-column, SNIPPETS Inspiration (since 2006), and the author of seven books, including Baltimore’s Little Italy: Heritage and History of The Neighborhood. Email Suzanna at