California governor says ‘Laudato Si’’ was necessary wake-up call

Elections, like profit reports, have regular short-term rhythms, which is why Pope Francis’ encyclical letter on the environment was so “appropriate and absolutely essential” for waking people up to the dangers of climate change, said California Gov. Jerry Brown.
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Defining moment: Glossary of terminology used in Laudato Si’

In his encyclical on ecology, "Laudato Si', on Care for Our Common Home," Pope Francis coined several new terms.
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Archbishop Lori joins local Catholic leaders in welcoming encyclical on ecology

Archbishop Lori joined other local leaders in welcoming Pope Francis' document on ecology, says pope has begun a "new conversation."
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Catholic Center takes measures to protect environment

Kermit the Frog once sang “It’s not easy being green.” The leaders at the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s downtown headquarters beg to differ, however.
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Parish uses ground water to stop sky-high energy bills

Green means two things at St. Vincent de Paul, Baltimore: air conditioning at virtually no cost, and heat in a way that spares the environment.
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