A population implosion?

Catholics worried about the rise of atheism can take a short-term and a long-term approach. Right now, we need to educate our children, evangelize and respond to attacks on the faith. As for the long term, Catholic couples, can you guess?
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Who speaks for Charlie Gard?

We are morally obliged to accept treatment that offers benefit without entailing greater burdens. Catholic tradition does not teach a "vitalism" insisting that everything possible must always be done to prolong life.
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A myth of neutrality

Is human life a gift to be revered, or something to be discarded when it seems unproductive or inconvenient to others? There is still time for all of us to help choose the answer.
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Reading the signs of the times

We need strong communities of faith. But they should refresh us and arm us to go out and remind others of our more excellent way.
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Tired of religious discrimination?

All believers should worry about policies that treat them as second-class citizens.
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Death without dignity in the nation’s capital

The Council of the District of Columbia and the mayor have approved a law allowing physician-assisted suicide. Under Article I of our Constitution, Congress has legislative authority over the district and can block that law. Here are three nonpartisan reasons why it should do so.
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