June 12, 2020

Silence in the domestic church

For a parish church to be a place of prayer, there have to be times of silence. For a domestic church to be a place of prayer and formation, there also needs to be periods of silence.
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In challenging time, priests lean on their own loss as they bury the dead

Sensitive pastoral care from priests in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, coupled with the support of funeral homes and cemeteries, has comforted many families during the coronavirus pandemic
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Catholic activist has been anti-hunger, anti-war, not ‘antifa,’ friends say

Catholic activist Martin Gugino long has been anti-war, anti-hunger, anti-violence, when it comes to opposing social ills, but the one "anti" that doesn't fit the bill is the "antifa" moniker President Donald Trump tried to pin on him in a June 9 tweet, friends say.
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Adapting to coronavirus pandemic as teacher, wife, mom

Andrea Sommers will never forget her 10th year as a teacher at St. John Regional Catholic School in Frederick. She teaches social studies, English language arts and religion to 82 fifthand sixth-graders. Since mid-March, the coronavirus pandemic has forced her to do all that from home, which she shares with her husband, Dwight, a captain...
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