December 21, 2019

Camping out at the dollar store

Little gifts. Tiny blessings. This Christmas season, give away a compliment and your smile.
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Pope sets term of office for dean of College of Cardinals

After accepting the resignation of 92-year-old Cardinal Angelo Sodano as dean of the College of Cardinals, Pope Francis changed the norms of the office so that the dean would be elected to a five-year term renewable only once.
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‘Christendom no longer exists,’ pope says, explaining need to revamp Curia

The ongoing reform of the Roman Curia is a necessary part of the Catholic Church's fidelity to its mission to proclaim the Gospel, recognizing that very few countries today can be described as "Christian" and that new ways of evangelizing are necessary, Pope Francis said.
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Pope, U.N. chief record video with their Christmas wishes for peace

Pope Francis and the secretary-general of the United Nations said that, like millions of people around the world, during the Christmas season their thoughts turn to yearnings for peace and for the well-being of those in need.
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