October 28, 2019

Christians must shun self-worship, pope says at synod’s final Mass

Poor people from the Amazon have shown that God's creation must be treated "not as a resource to be exploited but as a home to be preserved, with trust in God," Pope Francis said.
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Books are pictured in a cabinet in the Vatican Apostolic Archives. Pope Leo XIII founded the Vatican School of Paleography, Diplomatics and Archive Administration in 1884, just a few years after he opened the archives to the world's scholars

With new decree, pope makes Vatican Secret Archives no longer ‘secret’

Citing the negative misinterpretations that the word "secret" implies, Pope Francis has changed the name of the Vatican Secret Archives to the Vatican Apostolic Archives.
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Heidi Campbell, a communications professor at Texas A&M University in College Station, speaks Oct. 18, 2019, during a conference titled "Religion Beyond Memes" at the University of Notre Dame's Ansari Institute for Global Engagement in Washington.

The dark side of memes: spreading untruths about religion

The image seems inoffensive on the surface: a figure of a gray-haired man, presumably God, with text that says: “I gave you free will so use it exactly as I command you to.” It was one example of an image known as a meme offered by Heidi Campbell, a communications professor at Texas A&M University,...
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