August 15, 2019

Orioles magic, cotton candy chips, cousin fun, love for pizza, and a sloth (7 Quick Takes)

The Orioles suffered a terrible loss on Saturday evening, but we figured you can only go up from there. And who wants to be a fair-weather fan? So, we headed to Camden Yards on Sunday afternoon to cheer them on.
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We need to have the open arms of Christ

We need to be a better nation, too, and, with arms open like Jesus on the cross, be there to offer hope and healing and hospitality to our neighbors, our family in need.
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Disrespect for life, lack of moral center seen as factors in gun violence

In this American age of violence, where 165 shootings happened this year alone, where politicians scream at each other across the aisle about gun laws and Second Amendment rights without even the common ground of mutual respect, religious leaders, scholars and TV personalities alike notice a more insidious problem with American culture.
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Movie Review: ‘Brian Banks’

Dramas of the falsely accused fighting against a broken legal system are reliably inspiring. With the sports star formula additionally worked in, "Brian Banks" (Bleecker Street) might seem to ace it.
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