August 9, 2019

Archbishop Lori’s Address to 137th Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus

As the largest fraternal order in the world and the largest lay Catholic organization, we can have a lot of influence on our society, on the culture at large, on our politicians, and on those who write and speak divisively.
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In new interview, pope explains aim of synod, warns against nationalism

The upcoming Synod of Bishops on the Amazon is an "urgent" gathering, not of scientists and politicians, but for the church whose main focus in discussions will be evangelization, Pope Francis said in a new interview.
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Pew survey shows majority of Catholics don’t believe in ‘Real Presence’

A new study about the level of Catholic belief in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist showed that a majority of Catholics do not believe that the bread and wine used at Mass become the body and blood of Christ.
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Feasting on crabs and peach cake, decorating with flyswatters, and other summer fun (7 Quick Takes)

You can almost taste the end of summer. I can no longer complain about the ridiculously early back-to-school sales, even though I have yet to buy a single No. 2 pencil or accordion file.
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