November 27, 2018

Table of plenty

We’re losing power for most of the day tomorrow. I know we’ll lose most of the food in our fridge, so we’ve been eating and eating—but we’ve barely made a dent.
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Little Sisters of the Poor believe they were robbed after Christmas shopping

Apparent Good Samaritans turned out to be nothing of the sort after allegedly stealing Christmas presents from two Little Sisters of the Poor outside the Costco in Columbia Nov. 26.
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CDC report shows continued decline in U.S. abortion rate

The archbishop who chairs the U.S. bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities cheered news that the abortion rate in the United States continues to shrink, as does the number of abortions overall.
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Catholic migrant advocates have mixed reaction to Tijuana border events

The chaotic scene in Tijuana Nov. 25 showed the increasing impatience and despair of thousands of caravan participants, who could spend months in an uncomfortable camp as they wait to present asylum claims to U.S. officials.
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