November 16, 2018

Snow, snow, snow, birthday spaghetti, an anniversary gift, and more (7 Quick Takes)

It snowed yesterday! I had seen that snow and sleet were in the forecast, but so often storms don’t amount to much—especially in mid-November.
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Path for reform goes through Rome

Rome does indeed move slowly, but the U.S. bishops, who are clearly feeling the pressure from their people, are committed to applying pressure of their own.
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Archbishop Lori says pastoral on racism ‘most welcome’ in Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archbishop William E. Lori, who served as a consultant to the committee drafting the pastoral, said the pastoral is “most welcome” in the archdiocese. He said the archdiocese is putting together a dialogue process for which the pastoral will be a great help.
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Archbishop Lori reflects on completed bishops’ meeting

Archbishop Lori offered his reflections on the recently completed bishops meeting in Baltimore.
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