August 9, 2018

Abuse expert: Crisis is call to new vision of priesthood, accountability

"Since God is the Lord of history, I understand all this as a call to a deeper understanding of what is the church about, what is priesthood about and what is the Christian life," Jesuit Father Hans Zollner told CNS.
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Argentina Senate votes down abortion decriminalization bill

The Argentine Senate voted against a bill that would have decriminalized abortion during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.
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St. Agnes parishioner receives first Communion at Camp GLOW

“This is a Camp GLOW first,” said Deacon Fleming, who leads the camp. “It is truly a blessing. How appropriate to be with her family and friends to receive this blessed gift.”
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Archbishop Lori’s concluding remarks at the 136th Knights of Columbus Convention

As you’d imagine, there are various proposals on how to move forward. Whatever takes shape, I think it will be important that it is rooted in deep repentance on the part of bishops, that it entails openness and honesty, that it involves the laity, and that is more than a matter of new policies and...
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