April 24, 2018

An open letter to the Duchess of Cambridge: In praise of third children

Kate, you may think you have this parenting thing down by now, but you are in for a treat. Because now you and Prince William are parents to a third child.
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Haiti alumna’s story: 15 years later

I always knew I wanted a life of being immersed in other cultures, and one week in Haiti only completely confirmed this.
Read More offers social network for prayer, community-building

With $2 million in seed money, was beta tested with 100 churches in 2016. It is design to create community by involving people in prayer.
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When incense is bothersome/ Giving beggars money

Father Doyle fields questions about the use of incense at Mass and whether a person should give money to homeless people.
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Body of St. John XXIII to make brief return to his home diocese

People in the Diocese of Bergamo, Italy, the home diocese of St. John XXIII, will host the remains of the late pope for 18 days as they mark the 60th anniversary of his election and the 55th anniversary of his death.
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