April 17, 2018

Ms. Emily Waugh

(Maryvale Preparatory School) Approaching Teaching as a Learner Ms. Emily Waugh, a 2003 graduate of Maryvale, joined the faculty at Maryvale Preparatory School five years ago.  She is the quintessential example of Maryvale’s impact on her as a woman and learner.  Maryvale’s mission is to instill a love of learning and a sense of confidence...
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For Earth Day 2018 and beyond, say no to plastic bags

Earth Day 2018 urges us to reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle and remove plastic. Not just bags, but the single use plastics that are so ubiquitous in our society.
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Names & Numbers: Catholics help build church, serve pregnant women and more 

Among the highlights of this month’s edition of Names & Numbers is a fundraising drive by Ellicott City parishioners who are helping to build a church in Vietnam.   
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MCC tracks wins, losses in Annapolis session

The Maryland Catholic Conference saw some successes on issues it tracked during the 438th Session of the Maryland General Assembly that concluded April 9.
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Sainthood candidate Father Flanagan inspires new children’s book

The book's title was inspired by the term Father Flanagan used to address children in his care. It also provides opportunities for families to learn together.
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Conference looks at how to preserve religious orders’ archives

The focus is on documents going back as far as the early 18th century, as well as audio and visual records from just decades ago.
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