March 29, 2018

Budgets benefitting Catholic schools increased 

The funds will help to provide additional safety measures, capital improvements and scholarship assistance for students from low-income households or who have special needs. 
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To honor Rev. King, ‘deepen’ commitment to work for justice, bishops urge

As the most prominent civil rights activist of his time, Rev. King fought for all races and against a system that promoted racism and racial divide
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Holy Thursday

This night we come together as one, priests and people, around the table of the Lord. Let us come not only with a renewed and deepened appreciation but indeed with genuine praise and thanksgiving to the Lord who loves us more than we could ever ask or imagine, as together we say: “O Sacrament most holy,...
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Memory, identity and patriotism

National identity is a precious thing, but it can only lead to a true civic patriotism if it deals with history honestly.
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Caroline Center gives thanks for 22 years of leadership from SSND Sister Pat

School Sister of Notre Dame Patricia McLaughlin is stepping down after 22 years of ministry at the Caroline Center in Baltimore.
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