March 6, 2018

Introducing the small victory jar: The next chapter in the story

For weeks now, I have been looking for a container to gather the small victories my colleagues and I celebrate in the office.
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Religious men and women a ‘firm foundation’ for Baltimore Archdiocese

Archbishop Lori said that the local church cannot thrive without men and women in consecrated life, whose impact is felt throughout the archdiocese. They were celebrated and honored on the World Day for Consecrated Life March 3.
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Prayer: Leading not into temptation

A 2017 neurological study suggests that we can lean on a key practice to give us the spiritual muscle to rise above temptations: prayer.
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Time for action on gun violence

“Thoughts and prayers” are an appropriate, initial, compassionate response to any tragedy, including the death of innocents at a concert, church or school. But a solution requires action. And the time for action is now. 
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Catholics celebrate nation’s newest cathedral, growth of church in South

The Diocese of Knoxville dedicated the country's newest cathedral March 3 during a special Mass in which prelates and parishioners celebrated the growth of the Catholic Church in this region of the United States.
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