February 6, 2018

Letter in case of Chilean bishop raises new questions

Less than a week after the Vatican announced Pope Francis was sending a trusted investigator to Chile to listen to people with information about a bishop accused of covering up clerical sexual abuse, the Associated Press reported the pope was given a detailed letter from a survivor almost three years ago.
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In praise of Catholic caregivers

It is important that Catholics remain confident in answering the call to serve while also upholding the beliefs that have been handed down to us by Christ.
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Lent is time to become aware of false prophets, cold hearts, pope says

Catholics should use the season of Lent to look for signs and symptoms of being under the spell of false prophets and of living with cold, selfish and hateful hearts, Pope Francis said.
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The best Lent ever

When we look at Lent as the herald of a new springtime in our spiritual lives, then, I would hope, Lenten practices would no longer seem like unwelcome intrusions into our comfort. Rather, they are harbingers of hope for a more Christ-centered way of life.
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Indigenous leader pleads with Catholics to help in plight of the earth

Kora pleaded with Catholics gathered for the event to help fight for suffering indigenous communities such as the Kanamari, for clean water and air, and for the earth itself.
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A letter to my sleeping, mischievous baby

Robyn Barberry shares some words of wisdom with her little one.
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Philadelphia Eagles punter sees God’s hand in path to Super Bowl

"I've never been on a team that's lost so many key guys," Jones said in an interview prior to the game. "I know I hurt for those guys when I think about guys who are here and can't take part in the game. You feel for those guys because there's a lot of time, a...
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