January 30, 2018

St. John Regional Catholic School stays fresh, thanks to STEM

St. John Regional Catholic School didn’t rest on its laurels after being named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2009. The pre-K-8 school in Frederick County kept up-to-date with the latest advancements in STEM.
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Vatican spokesman insists pope, aides are united on approach to China

Catholics who have accused top members of the Roman Curia of making overtures to China's communist government without the knowledge of Pope Francis are "fostering confusion and controversy," said the director of the Vatican press office.
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Amen: Boring in eye of beholder

When we choose to stay in our own little world, it’s not because we are hateful or uneducated or racist. Some like the hustle, bustle and skyline. I’ll take the calm, rolling hills and serenity. 
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Emma’s Tea Spot: Worth a Stop

My best friend Shannon of 30 years invited me to share a cup (or two) of tea with her at a new little place called Emma’s Tea Spot, which is situated in the thriving community of Hamilton at the corner of Harford Road and Hamilton Avenue. She made us an appointment for 3 at 11...
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Archbishop Lori announces clergy appointments

Archbishop William E. Lori has announced the latest clergy appointments, which include a change in the vocations office.
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Training for mission: Pope revises norms for theology, philosophy studies

Catholic university programs in philosophy, theology and canon law -- especially those designed for future priests -- must be marked by fidelity to church tradition, academic rigor and an awareness of the challenges to belief in the modern world, Pope Francis said.
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