December 28, 2017

Red-nosed root beer, Star Wars without spoilers, and a few Christmas leftovers (7 Quick Takes)

My sister Treasa is helping my dreams of a Christmas-carol-themed potluck come true, serving “Jingle Balls” meatballs, “Frosty the Salmon” salad, “We Three Wings,” and asking me to bring “Feliz Navi-dip.”
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Young adult’s vibrant faith makes an impact at Cockeysville parish

“I’ve heard that some young people here call her ‘Mama.’ This gives me great joy to have someone in our parish with such great impact on young adults,” Father Osorio said.
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Movie review: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

More than a few parents have, no doubt, had occasion to be alarmed at how easily — and how often — kids become absorbed by gadgetry these days.
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Vatican agency says at least 23 church workers killed in 2017

The majority of Catholic Church workers violently killed in 2017 were victims of attempted robberies, the Vatican's Fides agency said, with Nigeria and Mexico topping the list countries where the most brutal murders were carried out.
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Reflecting on 55 years as a priest, Father Rafferty says God ‘works in crazy ways’

The end of 2017 will bring his retirement from Our Lady of the Chesapeake Parish, where he has served as pastor since July 1992
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