December 15, 2017

In #MeToo movement, Catholic Church can play role in discussion, healing

WASHINGTON — The wave of accusations of sexual harassment, misconduct and assault from Hollywood to Capitol Hill and many places in between in recent months has been described as a revolution, a moment and a time for national reckoning. The accused — abruptly fired or resigned — have issued apology statements or denied wrongdoing. Those...
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Movie Review: ‘Ferdinand’

The book is a brief one, so it's not surprising that the film's plot feels somewhat padded. But good values go a long way in masking this defect and in maintaining a receptive mood among viewers.
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‘Enough with the deaths’: Mexican clergy reiterate Chiapas is in crisis

The diocesan statement called for all levels of government to find "an integral solution. The conflict has been aggravated by the presence of armed groups.
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Archbishop Gomez sees signs of God’s presence even in fiery destruction

Archbishop Gomez called on people to hear God whispering in the wake of the fires, as recounted in the Book of Elijah: "After the fire there was a tiny whispering sound."
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