September 16, 2017

Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Saints Cornelius and Cyprian; Deacon Convocation

Today, both the Scripture readings and the Feast Day give us much to think about and much to pray about, as we reflect on your calling to serve the Church as deacons as well as the ways spouses and families share in and are affected by this ministry. Let us spend a moment “unpacking” some...
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time; Blessing of New Ministry and Team House

There is no panacea, no magic cure, for anger, vengeance, and hardness of heart. Rather, we must daily open our hearts to the Holy Spirit and ask that we might grow in the virtues that Jesus exemplified in his own life, especially his temperance, his patience, and his kindness towards others.
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