September 11, 2017

Catapulting into a new faith opportunity

God gives us each different talents. Some of us are better with cats or catechesis than catapults, but there’s a role for each of us.
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Columbia parish celebrates 50 years as a community united in diversity

The concept of the interfaith center stems from the city’s own beginning 50 years ago during a time when the United States was still grappling with segregation.
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Pope says he hopes Trump reconsiders DACA decision

Politicians who call themselves pro-life must be pro-family and not enact policies that divide families and rob young people of a future, Pope Francis said.
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In Cartagena, pope prays for Venezuela, denounces modern slavery

"From this city, the seat of human rights, I call for the cessation of every kind of violence in political life," the pope said.
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