June 1, 2017

In defense of the fidget spinner

Usually I agree with my friend and fellow Catholic Review blogger, Robyn Barberry. But we have finally found the topic that divides us: fidget spinners. Read Robyn’s persuasive (and also poetic) take over at her blog, Unconditional. But take a spin through mine first. It’s small, it’s fast, it’s so much fun, And nearly every kid has one,...
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Lament of the fidget spinner

This is a response to Rita Buettner’s blog post singing the praises of fidget spinners. Though I’m a huge fan of Rita AND her poem, I can’t stand fidget spinners. Although they are not a problem in my art classes at St. Joan of Arc School, I can’t imagine trying to teach with a whole...
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‘Sisters’: Seton Keough students say farewell

Students, faculty and staff expressed sadness over the school’s closing, 28 years after the merger of Archbishop Keough and Seton high schools, but hope as well.
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Communion Prep with YouTube

Even though we’d been preparing for months, Collin was nervous about receiving his First Holy Communion. I would pretend to be the sacristan in front of the kitchen counter, administering unconsecrated Triscuits and water from a Waterford goblet. Time after time he’d forget something when he approached the “altar.” Hands folded in prayer, a bow,...
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