Communion Prep with YouTube

Even though we’d been preparing for months, Collin was nervous about receiving his First Holy Communion. I would pretend to be the sacristan in front of the kitchen counter, administering unconsecrated Triscuits and water from a Waterford goblet. Time after time he’d forget something when he approached the “altar.” Hands folded in prayer, a bow, the laying of one palm atop the other, the sign of the cross. He got some, but not all of it right.

So I resorted to the number one source of extracurricular education for kids Collin’s age, YouTube, for advice.

I came upon a video by Busted Halo that explains step-by-step how to receive the Eucharist. There were some comical examples, but ultimately, a beautifully executed reception of the blessed sacrament is displayed.Once he saw someone else do it up close, Collin had a clear picture of what would be expected of him on his big day and on all of the sacred celebrations to follow.

Robyn Barberry

Robyn Barberry

Robyn Barberry is married to her high school sweetheart, Patrick. They are raising four imaginative and adventurous children, one of whom has autism. Robyn teaches art and language arts at St. Joan of Arc in Aberdeen, where she worships with her family. Robyn earned an MFA in creative nonfiction from Goucher College in 2011 and she has been blogging for the Catholic Review since 2012. If she could have dinner with any living person, it would be Pope Francis.