March 6, 2017

To the parents of toddlers who struggle their way through Mass

Every Sunday I see you beginning the marathon that is Mass with a toddler, and the memories come flooding back.You might look at my children, who are 7 and 9, and think I have it easy. And I do. I walk into Mass without a battle plan. But I can
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Bishop Brennan shares hopes for Latino community at 38th Social Ministry Convocation

“Keep reaffirming that the foundation (of Catholic social teaching) is the respect for every human being,” Bishop Brennan said.
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Structural problems close Brunswick church permanently

St. Francis of Assisi Church in Brunswick has closed permanently due to structural problems that, according to engineers, have left the building unsuitable for occupancy.
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The John Carroll School mourns the loss of a good friend, smiling presence

Classmates, faculty and staff of The John Carroll School remembered Joshua Hamer as a smiling, upbeat member of the school community.
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