December 28, 2016

Oppose doctor-assisted suicide

Rooting ourselves in church teaching and resolved to live each day with an authentic sense of our God-given dignity, let us be bold, courageous, and loving in pointing out how uncompassionate doctor-assisted suicide really is.
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That time we broke a plunger ornament on Christmas Eve

We were enjoying spending Christmas Eve at home when I heard someone at the door. A friend decided to surprise us by stopping by with a gift. She and her daughter had been shopping when they spotted something for us.It would celebrate the most important event of the year, she
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Typhoon ravages Philippines; response slowed because of Christmas holiday

Government and aid workers on holiday leave as Typhoon Nock-Ten hits northern Philippines.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily – Christmas

Archbishop William E. Lori asks, are we accessible to God?
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Grant will help St. Vincent de Paul house more families

Front Door Rapid Rehousing program's expansion includes assistance for those fleeing abusive relationships.
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Movie Review: ‘Silence’

Director Martin Scorcese's latest explores Jesuits in 17th-century Japan, where persecution of Christians rages.
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