October 28, 2016

Once Iraq recaptures Mosul, people will still need help, says archbishop

The Irbil Archdiocese is providing housing to more than 10,000 internally displaced families, but more live in trailers or open buildings.
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Movie Review: ‘Keeping Up With the Joneses’

Despite its celebration of the lives of honest, decent, maritally committed suburbanites, however, awkward handling causes both the film’s upright message and its humor to fall flat.
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Man for All Seasons honoree challenges peers to be ‘like St. Thomas More’

Judge Mary C. Reese has spent more than a decade as an associate judge in the 10th District Court of Maryland.
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Closing, merged schools deal with flood of emotions

Communities affected by archdiocesan plan to close three schools and merge two others deal with a flood of emotions.
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Pope on why he’s going to Sweden: ‘Closeness does all of us good’

Pope Francis said he wanted his trip to Sweden to focus purely on promoting Christian unity, although in the end, he added a day to the visit so he could respond to the “fervent request” by the country’s small Catholic community that he celebrate a Mass for them.
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The beauty of human sexuality

In an age of porn and sleaze, the need for a deepened respect for the positive aspects of human sexuality is real. In marriage, the desire to give one’s self to the delight of the beloved is a sign of Christian holiness.
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