September 13, 2016

Faith and the Full Promise of America: A Statement from Archbishop William E Lori of Baltimore, chairman of the USCCB’s Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty

A Statement from Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore, chairman of the USCCB’s Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty For the current Chairman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, religious liberty is reduced to “nothing except hypocrisy,” and religion is being used as a “weapon… by those seeking to deny others equality.” He...
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Cardinal beatifies Polish-born priest deported to Central Asia, who stayed to serve

A Vatican official beatified a Polish-born priest deported to Soviet-ruled Central Asia who volunteered to stay on and minister to Catholics.
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Economic focus must shift from profit to people, cardinal says

The current economic model that places profit over the common good of all human beings must change, a Vatican official said.
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It’s FUNdamental!

On most Friday nights, you can find the Barberry 6 relaxing at home, watching the Orioles or playing Kerplunk. It’s too hard for us to find a place that’s fun, affordable, and accommodating for our 3 boisterous boys and newborn girl. So, when I heard that FUNdamentals,
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Sister Marie Carl Horn, S.S.N.D., ministered in education and hoops

A funeral Mass for School Sister of Notre Dame Marie Carl Horn was offered Sept. 1. Sister Marie Carl died Aug. 28. She had served as an educator for many years.
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Archbishop Lori rejects claim religious liberty used as excuse to discriminate

Archbishop Lori sharply criticized comments that “religious liberty” and “religious freedom” were “code words" of discrimination.
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