August 16, 2016

Mary, unburdened by sin, was lifted into heaven; we can be, too, archbishop says

It’s no surprise Mary was lifted up by God, since she had spent her whole life lifting up her son, the archbishop said.
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Lessons children can learn from the Olympics

We tried to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and we gave up before the athletes even came in. Those ceremonies were entertaining at first, but they ended up being rather long. Our children kept asking me to fast forward.Live TV is so confusing.What we have enjoyed is watching
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Violence in Milwaukee unrest ‘a self-inflicted wound,’ says archbishop

Protesters burned down six businesses in the city, including a gas station, and also torched a police car late Aug. 13.
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Going to the cats

As a child, my favorite saint was St. Francis of Assisi. While I couldn’t identify with his holiness, I could identify with his love of animals.
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Contemplation leads to ‘transformational leadership,’ LCWR assembly told

Sister Pat Farrell, an LCWR past president, spoke of centering religious life leadership in contemplation.
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