July 27, 2016

Clinton’s VP pick, a Catholic, faces criticism for his stand on abortion

U.S. Sen. Gov. Tim Kaine, practicing Catholic from Virginia, has perfect rating from NARAL.
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In Krakow, Archbishop Lori stresses ‘charity that evangelizes’

Archbishop talks religious freedom, meets with Baltimore pilgrims at World Youth Day.
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Birth Announcement: 2016

It used to be that the news of a new baby’s arrival was shared with family and friends through a “birth announcement” printed on paper. It would include the baby’s parents’ names, birth date and time, weight, length, and, if you were lucky, a photograph, which was probably taken in
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Amen: World Youth Day visits country steeped in our faith

Poland is Catholic – spiritually and culturally. The faith is woven into the lives and fortunes of the people.
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Movie Review ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’

Scrat’s chase also gets the plot rolling when he inadvertently sets a giant asteroid on a potentially cataclysmic collision course with the Earth.
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Frederick faithful lay down burdens on ‘Walk-In Wednesdays’

St. John the Evangelist invites faithful and passers-by to come in and engage with staff; while waiting, staff pray for parishioners' intentions.
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